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Your pursuit of success doesn’t have to cost you, YOU!!!

Coaching and consulting for women of color rooted in faith and inspired by change. GetYourShiftTogether - let’s shift the narrative of what’s possible and who you “should” be.

Welcome to Pain to Purpose University, where we empower high-achieving women to unlock their full potential. We're here to help you identify, disrupt, and dismantle those purpose-blocking mindsets that have been holding you back. 

It's time to #GetYourShiftTogether, cast aside the imposter within, and embrace the remarkable person you were born to be. Self-betrayal will not define your legacy!

Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey towards success, empowerment, and authenticity? Join us at Pain to Purpose University and let's rewrite your story.


After years of quietly providing offline support to women from various backgrounds, when my purpose came calling in January 2021, I knew it was now or never.

The only real question was "How do I bring a dream to life in a way that honors me and the women I want to serve"? The answer in its most simple form is I trusted my heart. I trusted that everything I had learned, cultivated, and developed could now be distilled and used to serve in a more formal capacity. I trusted that I could not only tell women that they COULD do it but HOW they could do it and WHY our programs and framework, were their best and highest option for resolution.

By going DEEP to uncover what typically gets left behind (points of entry anyone) and providing the tools and community so essential to dismantling (old mindsets and more) so that you can MEANINGFULLY and HEALITHLY rebuild every program offered by Alex & Olivia Consulting Co. is the epitome of "if you teach a man to fish". I'm not here to tell you what's wrong. You already know.

What I'm here to do is let you know that you don't have to allow the challenges you're currently facing (doubt, fears, worries, anxieties, marital stressors, and more) to make you feel that there is no place for you when nothing could be further from the truth. We exist because you exist, and whether the source of your current pain points is directly related to an imminent transition or success you've sacrificed too much for, we are here to be a rest stop and haven on your path to greater purpose!

Lets Work Together
Alex & Olivia Consulting Co.

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